Shelly 1 not creating an Access Point

  • Hi

    I've recently purchased my 1st set of Shelly products. I've tried connecting the first one and it doesn't work, it's not creating an Access Point for me to connect to and no matter how many times I switch the rocker switch on and off or switch it on and off at the fuse board nothing is happening.

    I'm connecting it to a UK no-neutral rocker switch (ie. there are 2 wires currently going into the switch, a Live and a switched Live).

    On the Shelly side I've wired:

    Live -> Live input cable

    SW -> Live input on the Switch

    O -> Switched Live cable & Common on the Switch

    The switch works in that the light goes on and off when switched but I am not getting any access point to connect to.

    Please help



  • OK, so I figured out that I need to do the 'special' wiring and wire it at the ceiling rose. I'd rather not do that as I have old school ceiling rose's that don't allow much space and would have to remove the rose to do it is the ceiling space which is more inconvenient. I also have one which needs to go outside on the porch - I'd rather keep the Shelly inside. Do I have any other options?


  • OK, I need the Shelly 1L - as my light switch doesn't have Neutral and Shelly 1 requires that.

    Not got one yet, so will try once I get one