Shelly Em original firmware

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  • Hi jcosta46 ,

    Welcome to the forum ??

    It is always better to backup yourself before Tasmota is flashed. To my knowledge, the original FW of the Shelly EM is nowhere ready to download. Since you have to contact Allterco directly.

    LG Michael

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  • Hello all! this may not be the right place to ask, but does anyone know how to get the current values to the .CSV file?

    it makes no sense that the value being safe is just the W/h. there are literaly infinite values of current that can give the same amount of wh for a certain voltage.

    The machines might be completely stuck and the Wh will just say that it was consumed 3 or 4 wats, and VAr is also payed to the electrical company (as gold by the way).

    Since the measure is original made as current, why isn't that value and PF being stored at .CSV?

  • I am also having issues trying to flash stock firmware. They have made a firmware archive available on this website and you can download firmware for each board e.g. ShellyEM:

    But I have not been able to flash it successfully using 'mos flash'.

    Separately they also list 'recovery' firmware for specific boards , but not the EM. These are typically single blobs which can be flashed using ESPeasy (apparently - I have not tried).

    This leads me to suspect there is something missing from the firmware archive images? The bootloader and other data .bin is present in the manifest of the firmware archive images so Im not sure what it is. I am not such an expert on ESP so maybe there is something obvious missing that I am not aware of?

    It would be good if they (or someone else) could provide some instructions on how to flash the stock firmware provided on this website (if that is what it is).