Replacing FLOS' ceiling rose canopy's dimmer module with Shelly Dimmer 2

  • Hi everyone,

    I am looking for a home wifi dimmer solution for my suspension light, and came across Shelly Dimmer 2.

    The lighting product I'm using is the FLOS Arrangements LED light system, coupled with FLOS' small rose canopy, wired to a single non-smart physical wall switch without a neutral wire in South Korea (220v). It's a good looking modular system, which includes a really outdated dimmer solution. I'm currently using the Round M light + Straight Line light, which adds up to 64W total (, which can be driven with FLOS's small rose canopy. (

    Inside this rose canopy is a replaceable modular dimmer unit (, which has a physical button that controls the brightness. (Page 12 of the Dimmer Module installation method, found at…spare-parts/RF0410300.pdf )

    This is obviously not ideal, because I don't want to open up the rose canopy up in the ceiling every time I want to change the brightness.

    My understanding is that Shelly Dimmer 2 can be installed behind the physical switch, OR installed inside the ceiling rose.

    My question is this: I would think having the stock FLOS dimmer module inside the rose AND having Shelly Dimmer 2 behind the wall switch is probably unnecessary (although I could be very wrong).

    1) Would it be possible to just replace the FLOS dimmer module inside the rose with Shelly Dimmer 2? The spec sheet for the FLOS Small Rose Canopy suggests several Lutron, Crestron, and Casamba 0-10v dimmers, but mentions that the client must consult with manufacturers if Interface or Module provides sourcing current.

    2) If the above is impossible, could I just install the Shelly Dimmer 2 behind my physical wall switch in ADDITION to the stock FLOS dimmer module from the rose canopy?

    Any help / guidance / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!