spots are flashing constantly (like a slow stroboscoop)

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    I want to use the Shelly dimmer 2 for seamless spots. These spots have a dimmable driver. But as soon as I connect the shelly dimmer, the spots start to flash (like a slow stroboscoop) and wont't stop.
    does anyone have an idea?
    I tried it with one spot at a time and also with 3,4 and5 spots. But still it has the same problem.
    <img src="" class="woltlabAttachment" data-attachment-id="20357" id="wcfImgAttachment1"><img src="" class="woltlabAttachment" data-attachment-id="20358" id="wcfImgAttachment1">
  • jurrjens1

    Changed the title of the thread from “spots flashes are flashing” to “spots are flashing constantly (like a slow stroboscoop)”.
  • I found the problem.

    Every wire was connected at the Shelly dimmer, but de Zero was not connected in the central box.