Shelly Cloud


With devices installed and registered in your Shelly Cloud account, you can:

  • Manage multiple devices with individual settings Define and personalize rooms in which the Shelly devices are used
  • Add more devices to create a complex automation solution that focuses on operational and energy efficiency, connect to an existing Wi-Fi network or use it in access point mode Monitor the used and current power consumption of the circuits.
  • Configure scenes or switch scenes on / off ad-hoc via the app, where and when you want.
  • Simple instructions for recording and managing devices

You can check the status of all environments, activate scenarios, manage the various devices and interact with your house remotely, easily via your smartphone or tablet.

All Shelly devices come with REST API documentation available at MQTT is supported by our firmware, which gives additional flexibility when integrating Shelly into your home automation solution. And more integrations are added regularly. Some of them are - Home Assistant, ioBroker, Domoticz, openHAB.